Great Deals on the 2015 Ford Escape!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we are proud to bring you great vehicles at great prices that you can’t turn down! We have some great specials going on for a limited time so hurry out!

Ford Escape

Come out and Discover the all new 2015 Ford Escape!

Right now get the all new 2015 Ford Escape for just $21,988. This great crossover SUV is a perfect vehicle for anyone looking to upgrade without having to worry about the huge cost. The all new 2015 Escape has good performance and fuel efficiency making it an SUV that won’t kill your wallet at the pump. With many high-tech features like MyFord Touch giving you full control of your interface with a touch of a button is now easier than ever. The Escape’s agile handling make it unlike any other SUV on the market, making it fun and easy to handle. It’s high-quality cabin and comfortable seating allow all passengers to enjoy the ride from start to finish. Edmunds says, “The 2015 Ford Escape is one of our favorite small crossover utility vehicles, thanks to athletic driving dynamics, an inviting cabin and useful high-tech features.” At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we could not agree more. So if you live in the Wasilla area come out and check out the great deals we have on our entire inventory.


Kendall Cares for Wasilla!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we are proud to be a part of the great community of Wasilla and serve the people who have helped make us one of the largest dealerships in the area!

Kendall Cares

Come find out how you can be involved!

For over 75 years, Kendall has been giving back hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities and organizations that support families, children and education. Our communities are our homes. You are more than our customers, you’re our neighbors, family and friends. As a family-owned company, Kendall Ford of Wasilla works hard to make the communities we serve even happier, healthier, and safer places to live.
Whether it’s one of Kendall Care’s signature programs, a local sponsorship or non-profit partnership, we love getting involved in the things that matter to us and to our community.
Kendall Ford of Wasilla has some great events coming up this month that everyone in the great state of Alaska can get involved with. One of the biggest events of the year, the Iron Dog Race. Our sister dealership, Kendall Toyota of Anchorage, is the lead sponsor of the Iron Dog Raffle for the 3rd year in a row!  They have donated a new Toyota Tundra that will be raffled off to help raise funds for both the race and the Armed Services YMCA.  Check out the schedule of race events at  You can find out when and where to find tickets as well as information about other community events the Iron Dog is involved with at Kendall Ford of Wasilla.

Check out our Great Inventory!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we are proud to bring you great deals on great Fords! We strive to be your number one Ford dealership in all of Alaska.


Come check out our amazing service department!

Kendall Ford of Wasilla we strive to bring the great people of Wasilla, Alaska great Ford’s. Whether you are in the market for a new vehicle or used vehicle, Kendall Ford of Wasilla is here to help with your every need. Being a part of the Kendall team means bringing quality assurance, service, and vehicles to you at a low price you can smile about. As a family owned company we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to create a business and a successful business. We bring that same hard work and dedication to every customer that comes through our doors. Kendall Ford of Wasilla is here to support your car buying needs. We are not here to haggle you, pressure you, or pull you into any contracts. We want you to come to Kendall Ford of Wasilla and feel like you made the best decision for your lifestyle. So come out and visit us today! We have tons of new inventory ready to be taken off our lot so hurry in while we still have great deals.

Great Deal on The Works!

Come take advantage of Kendall Ford of Wasilla’s great service deals that are sure to impress you! Hurry in, they won’t be around for long.


Come check out our amazing service department!

Kendall Ford of Wasilla is dedicated to providing the people of Wasilla great Ford’s at great prices. We believe that putting great people in great vehicles is the best job around, therefore, we strive to bring you the best of the best. One way we do this is through our service department. Kendall Ford of Wasilla provides you with trained technicians that have dedicated their practice to making Ford’s better! Everyone knows a Ford is at its best when it can perform at tip top shape and at Kendall Ford of Wasilla we don’t like to settle for anything else. Right now we are offering The Works Vehicle Check Up for just $39.95! This great check up will give your car:

  • • Synthetic Blend Oil Change
    • Tire Rotation and Pressure Check
    • Brake Inspection
    • Multi-Point Inspection
    • Fluid Top-Off
    • Battery Test
    • Filter Check
    • Belts and Hoses Check

After getting The Works package your Ford will leave Kendall Ford of Wasilla as good as new and ready to take on the road ahead. So come out today and take advantage of this great deal.

We Want Your Trade-In!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we are proud to bring you great vehicles, but even more than that we want to educate on the car buying experience.

One question consumers ask themselves when they think about buying a vehicle is whether or not to trade in their current vehicle. Some people believe the older the car is the less value they will get for their vehicle. Some think that the more mileage the vehicle has on the lesser the trade-value. Although these are right in theory there is more too it then just that.

According to The Simple Dollar the longer you hold onto a car, the less it depreciates each year, and thus the more cost-effective it becomes. A 2003 F-150 has a trade value much less than a 2006 F-150, but if you break it down into the depreciation per month, the person owning the 2003 F-150 lost much less money per month than the owner of the 2006 F-150.

Another thing to notice is that car depreciation is at its worst during the first few years of owning a car. Thus, to maximize the bang for your buck, your best bet is to buy an older model that way it doesn’t depreciate thousands of dollars each year you own it.

Therefore, at Kendall Ford of Wasilla we believe the best value in cars is buying a late model used and driving it until the repair bills start seriously racking up. This plan minimizes the per-year cost of your car and gives you the most years of cost-effective reliability. If you insist on buying new (not the best move), the more years you drive your older car, the more cost-effective your purchase becomes.

So come out to Kendall Ford of Wasilla today and check out our wide variety of used vehicles! Also…we take trade-ins!!!

Why Buy Reliable?

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we are proud to bring you reliable vehicles at great prices that are impossible to turn down!


Come check out our amazing pre-owned vehicles!

Two main aspects that go into buying a new vehicle is how reliable and safe it is. Consumers do research on top of research to determine which vehicle is right for them, and one of the main things on the list is reliability. At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we pride ourselves in providing reliable vehicles. So what makes a vehicle reliable? How often it needs repairing, and how much it will cost you to get your vehicle back to running properly. A car could break down five times, but only cost you $50 each time to fix, or it could break down once and set you back $1,000. That’s why the Reliability Index figure combines several elements – cost, inconvenience and rate of failure – making it a ‘real world’ picture of car ownership. A vehicle’s reliability can seriously affect how satisfied you’ll be with a car over the years, and it can significantly influence resale value when you’re ready to replace the vehicle. When you’re considering the purchase of a car, there are only a handful of factors that really matter – reliability is one of them. So come out to Kendall Ford of Wasilla and let us assure you that our vehicles are not only affordable but reliable as well.

Check out our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we are proud to bring you great vehicles at great prices! We believe that buying used can be just as great as buying new when you do it with a trusted dealership like Kendall Ford of Wasilla!


Come check out our amazing pre-owned vehicles!

Here at Kendall Ford of Wasilla we want to ensure the great people of Wasilla that we are a reputable dealership with hundreds of amazing used vehicles to choose from. One great reason to buy used is the obvious reason of low prices. You can get great vehicles for almost half the price of a new vehicle. Along with great pricing there are several other reasons to buy used.

Certification Programs: 

One trend that makes buying used a better option is the proliferation of certified pre-owned programs. The idea started with luxury brands such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Today, most manufacturers have instituted these programs allowing you to know that the vehicle you are looking at is safe and reliable.

General benefits of CPO cars include:

  • Manufacturers usually consider only late-model, relatively low-mileage used cars and trucks with no history of major damage for their certification programs.
  • CPO vehicles undergo a rigid inspection process of mechanical and cosmetic items before they obtain certification.
  • CPO vehicles are normally covered by a warranty that extends beyond the original factory warranty. The warranty often includes the same features as a new-vehicle warranty, such as roadside assistance.
  • Several manufacturers offer special financing on CPO vehicles, usually at lower rates than those on new-car loans or the typical, higher used-car loan rates.

Buyers should be aware that they pay more for a CPO car than for a typical used car, but the higher price should be worth it for the extra attention, coverage and the peace of mind buyers receive. At Kendall Ford of Wasilla all of our amazing vehicles have gone through our own personal certification program! Come out today and check out great inventory!

Our New Service Department is Coming Soon!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we love providing the great people of Wasilla amazing cars and amazing prices!


Come check out our great new service department!

Along with selling our Ford’s at great prices we love being able to provide you with great service at maintenance. Every Ford comes with great warranties that are sure to make you and your Ford happy. Even better than that Kendall Ford of Wasilla is proud to announce that are new Service Department and Quick Service Lane are opening in just one week! This great new department will allow every Ford owner in the Wasilla area take advantage of all the great features the service department has to offer. Another great feature this brand new place has to offer is how easy it is to make an appointment. With our quick log in once you have used our service department once, checking in and scheduling will be easier than ever. If you’re a Ford owner you understand what it’s like when your Ford isn’t running correctly, frustration and concern, are probably the main two feelings everyone gets. With the brand new service department you will never have those feelings again! So next time your Ford starts acting up come out to Kendall Ford of Wasilla and we will take great care of your vehicle.

Check out the New Ford Fiesta!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we are proud to bring you great vehicles at amazing prices! What’s better than bringing in the new year with a new Ford!

Beat the Clock

Hurry in and save on all our great vehicles!

It’s time to bring in the New Year with style, but you must hurry in before the clock runs out! We have amazing deals going on till the end of the year like saving huge on the all new 2015 Ford Fiesta! Right now get this great vehicle for just $12,988 and receive a 2 year/25,000 mile maintenance plan. With sporty handling, particularly with the ST model, the all new Ford Fiesta is not only stylish but great to drive as well. The upscale interior and available luxury features take the Fiesta to another level of style and class. The Ford Fiesta’s stable highway road manners and powerful fuel efficient EcoBoost engine make this sedan one of the best in the market! Edmunds says, “The 2015 Ford Fiesta is a fun-to-drive small car, with a nicely trimmed cabin, excellent build quality and plenty of connectivity features. If you’re looking for an economy sedan or hatchback that feels like a more expensive car than it really is, the Fiesta deserves serious consideration.” At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we could not agree more! So if you’re in the Wasilla area and looking for a great vehicle come out to Kendall Ford of Wasila today!

All New 2015 Ford F-150!

At Kendall Ford of Wasilla we love bringing you great fresh models that bring style and excitement together in one great vehicle! Like the all new 2015 Ford F-150 that is redefining the role of a truck!

Come out to Kendall Ford of Wasilla today and take a look at the truck that experts are calling imaginative, innovative and reliable! The all new 2015 Ford F-150 is bringing style, innovation and so much more to the table. With strong power and excellent fuel economy from turbocharged gasoline V6 engines the all new F-150 is recreating its already established name. With impressive payload, towing and off-road capabilities the F-150 is more capable then ever. And its’ long list of advanced comfort, convenience and safety technologies make the 2015 model greater than ever. Edmunds says,”The redesigned 2015 Ford F-150 may not look all that different, but those familiar lines disguise what is unquestionably the most sophisticated and capable version of this best-selling pickup ever to hit the road.” So if you’re in the Wasilla are come out to Kendall Ford of Wasilla today and check out the all new 2015 Ford F-150, you won’t regret it!